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About Harmonyhill Persians and Exotics

My name is Debra Wheeler and I am a registered breeder of Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats. I work in partnership with my daughter, Jess. We are registered breeders with Cats Queensland INC, breeder number QC307.
We live in the beautiful Lockyer Valley in South East Queensland.

We have been  registered breeder's since 2014, and  breed and show Persians and Exotic Shorthairs in Solid
,Colourpoint (Himalayans),and Bicolour. We are  currently developing our breeding program to focus on Chocolates and Lilacs, in Solid, Colourpoint and Bicolours. My daughter has a love of Tabby's, and she is concentrating on the tabby lines, in our program.

Most of our Harmonyhill cats live in our home, as our  loved pets, as well as being breeding Queens, and all kittens are born in the nursery room, inside our home. Our kittens are handled by myself, and my family, and are well socialised with people, and other cats and kittens.

Harmonyhill is a PKD negative cattery.
Most of our kittens are sold as desexed pets, and we do occasionally sell entire to trusted breeder's.
Please check us out on our Facebook page, Harmonyhill Persians and Exotics

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